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Blind Date 2024

Chumslick and CivicTV83 Present the most stupendous Twitch raid train event OF ALL TIME.

“What is a raid train event?”, you ask? Get with it, guy! Suffice it to say: a series of performers WHOM have NEVER PREVIOUSLY PERFORMED TOGETHER BEFORE, paired at the discretion of the organizers, will be combining their UNDISPUTED SUPERIOR SKILLS to create UNIMAGINABLY REMARKABLE WORKS OF ART that may or may not also include UNREASONABLY EXCESSIVE USE OF CAPITALIZATION in a series of live internet performances that you may or may not find SEXUALLY AROUSING.

Be there or be an undesirable geometric shape. Bonus Creature and Command Line Interface will be performing at 3PM EST on CLI’s channel and YOU WILL ATTEND.

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1111 Fest

Bonus Music™️ provided this weekend for the release of dronehands’ Text to Speech album available now for preorder on bandcamp. I will be performing live on Twitch Friday 11/10 from 8PM EST/5PM PST to 10PM EST/7PM PST, but things kick off much earlier with JAYNOTHIN and TOTOROBYN performances before that. See for the full schedule. Besides being a long time fan of dronehands, this one is special to me because I have vocals on “One More for the Night”. I will be hearing the finished track for the first time alongside everyone else.


DreamCadaver is now Bonus_Creature on Twitch

Listen, man. DC is cool and all, but to engage with others as a human, it is useful to not have to present yourself as an evil demon all the time. Creatures come in many varieties, better suiting the variety of stupid shit I do, or plan to do on Twitch.

Dream Cadaver will continue to exist as a project of some kind, but there is no Twitch representation of it at this time outside of Tune in next week when an existential crisis leads to yet another name change that really doesn’t make a fucking difference whatsoever.



The official website of Dream Cadaver Records.

More to come eventually. For now, get pillowed.